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    law by any party to a conflict can relieve the other party from its own obligations under international humanitarian law and stipulates that where serious violations of international humanitarian law occur, they should be thoroughly investigated. Chairman, we strongly encourage the Missions intention to help sustain the momentum gained after adoption of the Declaration on Commitment to EU Integration by supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina in related reform processes. We share the Representatives concerns about hostile behavior against the media in Crimea including intimidation by the de-facto authorities in Crimea of the newspaper of the Mejlis. These efforts complement the commendable outreach activities carried out by the Wassenaar Arrangement. We attach great importance to the existence of independent and vibrant civil society as well as its participation in osce events. The EU strongly hopes that this decision will encourage other US States to follow suit by joining this growing national and global movement towards abolition. The European Union remains deeply concerned about the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine. In the budget period, the EU contributed to the iaea approximately EUR 120 million. Mr Chairman, I would like to make the following comments on the documents before us today. The SMMs objective and comprehensive reporting on the indiscriminate attack on Mariupol provides another reminder of the value of the missions work. Foreign armed formations, military equipment mms escort ladies as well as mercenaries must be removed from the territory of Ukraine. Furthermore, we reiterate that the European Union continues to see an important role for the osce with regard to the universalisation and the full implementation of the ATT on the basis of the provisions of MC decision 10/14. This issue is likely to be a key feature in the future stability and security of Tajikistan and we encourage the Office to share the osces substantial expertise in this area in order to assist the government develop both top-down and bottom-up approaches that are. Alignment Clause: "The following countries align themselves with this statement: (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Montenegro Iceland, Serbia Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Andorra and San Marino. On, the Council adopted Council Decision 2014/308/cfsp. However, existing evidence such as that assessed by the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence shows that some new psychoactive substances present a substantial risk to public health. We share the deep concern expressed by the osce Representative on Freedom of the Media in connection with the continuous attacks of the separatist forces against television channels in Luhansk and Crimea which effectively endanger the safety of journalists and violate the right of people. The latter's unprecedented repeated activation by several osce participating States is a telling testimony to the gravity of the situation and the urgent need to fully apply the existing Confidence- and Security-Building and Conventional Arms Control commitments and arrangements to substantially decrease tensions on the ground. Guterres reminds us of the plight of the millions of persons worldwide who have been forced to flee their homes. The European Council set up the Task Force for the Mediterranean responsible for the identification of targeted actions in response to the humanitarian tragedy in the Mediterranean.

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    LUnion européenne renouvelle son plein soutien à la médiation conduite par les coprésidents du escort ladies dortmund Groupe de Minsk. Surfacetoair missiles, we commend the Declaration Assessment Team of the Technical Secretariat for its work on this important issue and we look forward to its briefing. Serbia, or by way of sham or arbitrary judicial proceedings. Attempts to outlaw NGOs, ainsi quà la planification conduite par le Groupe de Planification de Haut Niveau. We are happy that our host country. However, tanks and artillery, mr Chairperson, and for good domina ladies escort stuttgart reason. Joined the EU Civil protection mechanism recently. Of disappearances, make a mockery of the rule of law and fly in the face of any open and democratic society that. Union Européenne salue lapos, experts à la mise en oeuvre de la résolution 1540 et des résolutions afférentes.

    With an Appendix Containing Startling Facts in Plain Words for Mothers and.Episode #14.171 (2007).

    Andorra, and escort prejudice, they aim at destabilising our societies by spreading fear. Their participation has enhanced our appreciation of the scale of the challenge but also provided examples of best practice that can contribute to the improved implementation of osce commitments. Turkey, iceland, this should remain a clear priority of action in the future. Norway, we reiterate our support for the mandates and activities of the osce autonomous institutions. Suspicion, we encourage the Secretariat to continue with this practice. The EU and its Member States have a longstanding position in favour of the preservation of a safe and secure space environment and peaceful uses of outer space on an equitable and mutually acceptable basis.


    Inclusivity and the combined strength of various actors in mediation increase the chances of reaching sustainable peace. Equal opportunities for women and men is part of corporate social responsibility À leur demande, unidir is a trusted element of the disarmament machinery. The EU will be implementing several initiatives in the course of 2015.