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    crisis, and in promoting growth and development. The persistent attacks of Russian-backed separatists against a number of strategically important areas under governmental control continue to bring about escalation in grave violation of the ceasefire and the Minsk Agreements. Ukraines sovereign choices, including stronger ties with the European Union, need to be respected. Nous voudrions également souligner l'importance des rapports réguliers sur la mise en oeuvre de cette résolution au niveau national et de ladoption des plans d'action nationaux. We are aware of the severity of the crimes for which Mr Sprouse and Mr Cole were convicted and wish to express our deepest sympathies for the suffering of the victims and of their surviving families and friends. We appreciate that the new High Commissioner has pledged to continue and to build on the important work of his predecessor. We recall that all hostages and illegally detained persons should be released in line with the Minsk agreements, including Nadiya Savchenko and other illegally detained Ukrainian citizens in Russia and the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula. The new global partnership should reflect the paradigm shift to a universal, transformative and inclusive agenda. Given our responsibility, towards all victims, past and present, we should avoid using, for extraneous purposes, divisive and selected approaches. We believe that the Amended Protocol II represents an important instrument of International Humanitarian Law in reducing the potential harm caused by mines, booby-traps, and other devices to civilians and we support its full implementation. We urge all sides, in particular the Russia-backed separatists, to stop immediately fighting, strictly and comprehensively respect the ceasefire and fully support the SMM de-escalatory efforts. The ATT is the result of many years of comprehensive and inclusive negotiations achieved across regional boundaries and supported by a vibrant international momentum. The European Union also expresses its appreciation to the Executive Secretary for his written and oral reports, and you, Mr Chairman, and the PTS for preparing this meeting. The Council Decision amends the list of persons, entities and bodies subject to restrictive measures as set out in the Annex to Decision 2014/145/cfsp. We hope that this Working Group session will build on the Madrid plan, highlight opportunities to strengthen the application of existing standards to improve the human rights protection of older persons and come up with a strong call to action on all of. Independent civil society effectively brings its contribution to the UPR by speaking out and documenting human rights violations. . In conclusion, the EU and its Member States would like to reiterate their appreciation for the Agencys commitment to the Technical Cooperation Programme and to reassure the Secretariat of their continued support and cooperation. We thank the two keynote speakers for their valuable presentations. Notwithstanding the security situation, the European Union urges Syria to take all possible measures for completing the removal of the remaining chemicals immediately and without further delay, and in any case no later than 30 June. The European Union stands fully behind the efforts towards a political solution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, including the last weeks meeting of the Ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine in Berlin. Madame Chair, In addition, technical assistance and institution building can foster the effective implementation of human rights obligations. The EU legislation on Parental Leave gives each working parent the right to four months leave after the birth or adoption of a child. We appreciate the efforts of the SMM to ensure a local ceasefire and de-militarisation of Shyrokyne and to extend monitoring of the situation in the area. While the primary responsibility for bringing offenders to justice lies with states themselves, the ICC should exercise its jurisdiction where national authorities are unable or unwilling to genuinely prosecute the most serious crimes of concern to the international community.

    The European Union would like to draw the escort attention of the Permanent Council to the Statement by the Spokesperson on 8 June concerning the elections in the breakaway region of South Ossetia in Georgia. Cette journée commémore chaque année les victimes de lHolocauste. We believe that it is necessary for the osce to focus on the security aspects of water governance. The EU believes that the Bureau of the CND leading ungass preparations should be an Extended Bureau. The main objections to the death penalty are well known. The EU underlines the need to create and sustain National Preventive Mechanisms and to ensure their operational and financial autonomy. We reiterate the importance the EU attaches to the respect of rights of persons belonging to national minorities. They facilitate the exchange of information between EU Member States and the relevant authorities of requesting states around the world. This topic serves as a perfect continuation of our work on disaster risk reduction under the Swiss Chairmanship and will allow us to continue addressing cross disciplinary subjects such as climate change. Afin que jamais une tragédie semblable ne se reproduise.

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    In 4 ladys escort männer particular the osce, the challenges escort lady sheri leonberg that the development of modular weapon systems may pose for effective marking of salw is another case in point. The European Union EU and its Member States would like to thank the Chairmanship as well as the keynote speakers. As its principles are applicable to all member States without discrimination. As well as persons responsible for serious violations of human rights. We continue to call on the Russian Federation to take effective steps with regard to fulfilling the commitments taken in Geneva. We emphasise the importance of the focused recommendations made by the SecretaryGeneral for the thematic and countryspecific considerations of the Council.

    We welcome the priority given to counter-terrorism this year.The EU and its Member States appreciate and support the valuable efforts of unodc and also in its work to get a better coordinated response by other multilateral organizations, including through the Inter Agency Coordination Against Trafficking (icat) group.In conclusion, we reiterate that the European Union stands firm in upholding Ukraine's unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders.

    Ms Navi Pillay, as our guest on 3 July where. Including further development on improving policepublic partnership and ensuring that gender equality in the police force is not just a matter of numbers. Artillery should immediately be withdrawn from residential areas.